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          在父母协会都有自己的 宪法 and submits reports to the Charity Commission every year.It has a small committee, at a minimum comprising:

          • 椅子(PA的总裁)
          • 秘书
          • 出纳员
          • 3“普通”成员



          请在下面找到了下一学年每年的会议日期 (所有在星期四晚上7点,在LRC):

          PA日记日期2019 -20


          星期三 2019年11月13日

          星期三 2019年12月11日

          星期三 2020年1月8日

          星期三 2020年2月12日

          星期三 2020年3月11日

          星期三 2020年4月8日

          星期三 13日2020年5

          星期三 2020年6月10日

          星期三 2020年7月8日



          父母有用的信息关联  点击这里



          easyfundraising.org.uk is the new name for the 'Spend and Raise' website that regularly appears on the bottom of the 每周字 newsletters. easyfundraising.org.uk   

          We'd be very grateful if you could register on this new link to help support LSS and our fundraising efforts.



          If you work for an organisation that provides charity match-funding, please do get in touch with us, as this is an invaluable way of raising much needed extra funds for the school. For more details, please contact us at parents@lawrencesheriffschool.com (Barclays are a key supporter of match funding so if you, or anyone connected with LSS works for Barclays, please let us know!).

           We thought you'd like to know more about some of the equipment and resources that have been funded through your kind and generous support over the past year. 这些项目包括:







          This year, whilst we don’t have a single major item that we’re fundraising for, we are hoping to raise as much as we can to support as wide a range of requests as possible.

          关注这一领域,以了解更多有关事件和想法,以帮助筹集资金用于LSS ESTA一年。


          来在圣诞节的精神得到和支持学校的管弦乐队和PA与嘶嘶声的玻璃 - 周二2019年12月10日晚上7点.
          001 Christmas Tree


          Xmas Raffle 2019

          Just a quick reminder that if you're eligible for charity matched funding from your employer please do contact us, as this additional funding is invaluable to the school.



          • 停战诗歌事件
          • 旧衣回收援助
          • 200俱乐部



          As a new parent to LSS, I remember being given a large bundle of papers in the summer to read through, fill in and sign before my son started. Two of these forms were the 父母的认购表格和礼品援助形式. At the time, I didn't pay much attention to these, as I was busy reading through the 30 or so other sheets of paper and making sure these were back in time!


          Parental Subscriptions are, of course, entirely voluntary, but if you would like to contribute, the Parents' Association would be very grateful for your support.

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          Other recent funding includes a projector in the 运动s Hall, Kudos 职业生涯 Advice Packages and SEN equipment.

          The money available to fund these projects has come from successful social events, such as the Quiz and Curry evening held in March and the provision of bars and refreshments at sporting fixtures and the Roots Bar music events.

          A huge "thank-you " must go to everyone who helps and comes along to these fund-raising events, as without your support we would be unable to provide these contributions.

          If you would like further information on events or how to get involved with the Parents’ Association please contact us through the school website or main school office.

          P.S请不要忘记使用网上购物时头版每周词的链接: //www.easyfundraising.org.uk/ 资金,以帮助提高PA


          All parents are welcome to PA meetings, whether they are on the committee or not, and many of our activities are led by parents who do not hold an 'official' committee role.

          你如何能帮助我们... ..







          点击链接与我们联系, 加入PA,或提供您的支持

          感谢您的关注 - 如果你想了解更多信息,请与我们联系。

          LSS PA椅子




          打印 电子邮件

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